Cable Waterproof Joint Encyclopedia

Waterproof joints, as the name suggests, can be applied to environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. For example: LED street lights, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, sprinklers, etc., all require waterproof connectors.

At present, there are many brands and types of waterproof connectors on the market, but in the true sense, there are still relatively few waterproof connectors with excellent sealing performance, safe and reliable quality in the market.

Sealing Performance Judgment Criteria
At present, the main evaluation standard for the waterproof performance of waterproof connectors is based on the ip waterproof level standard. To see how the waterproof performance of the waterproof connector is, it mainly depends on the two digits XX at the back of IPXX. The first X is from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6; the second digit is from 0 to 8, and the highest level is 8; therefore, the waterproof connector The highest waterproof rating is IP68.

Folding protection against solid objects (first X)
0 : no protection

1: Prevent the intrusion of solids above 50mm, equivalent to the length of a hand;
2: Prevent 12.5mm solid intrusion; equivalent to the length of a finger;
3: Prevent 2.5mm from entering intrusion. Equivalent to a wire or tool;
4: Prevent solid objects larger than 1.0mm from entering, equivalent to a wire or stripped wire;
5: Prevent dust from entering sufficiently to cause damage
6: Completely prevent dust from entering

Degree of protection against folded water (indicated by the second X)
0 : Not waterproof
1 : Prevent water droplets
2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, water droplets dripping into the shell has no effect
3: Water or rain has no effect on the shell from a 60-degree corner
4 : The liquid splashed into the shell from any direction has no damage effect
5: Rinse with water without any harm
6: Prevent powerful jet water, can be used in the environment in the cabin
7 : Can be immersed in water for a short time
8 : Continuous immersion under certain pressure

In particular, for the test of the highest level of waterproof joints, IP68, the test equipment, test conditions and test time are negotiated by the supply and demand (buyer and seller) parties, and its severity is naturally much higher than the protection level below it. For example, the IP68 waterproof test of Bulgin’s waterproof connector is: guaranteed to work at a water depth of 10 meters for 2 weeks without entering water; put it into a water depth of 100 meters and test for 12 hours, and still maintain good performance of the product .

Post time: Sep-23-2022
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